Ron’s new CD “Vesuvio Jazz Trio” has been released. Find it at where digital downloads, program notes and excerpts can be found. Also, find it here: Recordings

Ron Fein (b. Dec. 27, 1952) has dedicated most of his life to music, as composer, music critic, performer, and Director emeritus of the Washington Composers' Forum in Seattle ( Ron's work in composition includes electronic, orchestral, chamber and improvisational music.

Ron has toured the United States and Europe with his sound installations for 20 boomboxes, and created a body of work for electronic music while in residence at Les Ateliers UPIC in Paris, an electronic music center conceived by composer Iannis Xenakis. This work is included on a double CD entitled "Habitat," and also on the CD "Roads to Chaos." Both are available in the Recordings section.

He has created many pieces for chamber ensembles of all kinds, which are available for performance (see Complete Works). A limited edition LP, "Music for Non-cooperative Ensembles," is available including the works Godot and Sonnets to Orpheus, performed by members of the San Francisco Symphony and soprano Judith Bettina (see Recordings).

Ron has performed extensively in improvisational music at the Seattle Festival of Improvised Music, and with collaborators Stephen Nachmanovitch, Amy Denio, and his ensemble Ca Ne Fais Rien. His solo CD "Desert Ragas" (see Recordings) incorporates improvised Indian ragas, on piano, with voice and percussion. This recording was produced at his solar recording studio in the Mojave desert, and embodies the meditative atmosphere of solitude and peace.

Ron's compositions for orchestra have been a major focus in his musical life. He has used this medium to develop his concept of the "non-cooperative ensemble" in which each member of the orchestra plays in their own specified tempo. This creates a very free-flowing music, reflecting the ways events occur in the natural world. His works Undulations, Meridian, Ephemera and Periphery may be performed individually or combined in any number or order. Examples of these works, including performing forces and sample pages are available in the Orchestral Music section.

Ron’s CD “Drumming the Moon” is available from CD Baby. You may also find it in the Recordings link.  

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